Interstate Truck Equipment



Interstate Truck Equipment offers the best rail road equipment available to the industry. We have built equipment for use on the rail road for over 15 years.      We also place as much focus on our customer relationship as we do on our truck bodies. Our main  intent on the customer relationship is to continually improve the productivity of the equipment you purchase. This helps ensure that the truck body changes with needs of your specific applications. Our staff is ready to help design specific equipment for your company. We specialize in rail road equipment and offer many styles of truck bodies designed for specific uses. Some standard bodies include track repair, bridge repair, material handling systems, signal trucks, welders truck, and mechanic trucks. Begin with one of our standard trucks and design custom layouts and equipment to best meet your demands. 

Manufacturing Process Overview 
The rail road equipment we build surpasses our competition. Interstate Truck Equipment takes the extra steps necessary to ensure the equipment you purchase  is the best available on the market. Starting with a heavy duty sub frame and flooring to a multi step paint process, every aspect of the body construction is quality control inspected and built to last.  

Sub frame Flooring 

The sub frame construction is a multi step process beginning with 3/16" tread plate flooring. The cross members are 3" structural channel placed on 12" centers. This beats most industry standards and ensures a durable sub frame that will last the life of  the unit. The sub frame is then covered with a rust resistant coating and placed in a custom built jig     to install the boxes. 
Paint/Protective Coatings 
Our railroad equipment is built to beat top industry specifications, even the painting process exceeds normal demands. A multi step process is used to ensure a rust resistant paint coating. We begin by sanding the entire surface to remove lose material and provide a smooth, paintable surface. The body   is then cleansed with a degreaser to guarantee the paint will stick to the entire surface.     After the     body prep, a minimum of two coats of two part epoxy primer are applied. The final stage is minimum    of 3 coats of urethane enamel paint. Each unit is then tested to ensure an even surface coating and measurements are taken to guarantee a proper paint coating mil thickness. To ensure that our units   are the best available we can apply a stone chip protector in areas that are constantly under strain.   We offer an optional spray in bed liner that will help protect the bed. With the spray in liner, our tread plate flooring is even more slip resistant for your employees. 
Toolbox Construction 
After placing the sub frame in a custom jig. Boxes constructed of 11 gauge galvaneal are installed.    The use of the jig helps ensure boxes are correctly placed and square. The storage boxes you need  and use can be custom made to fit your particular needs. We can install standard boxes for oxygen  and acetylene bottle storage, with spring retractable hose reel with 50 feet of hose. A box designed      to house large rail equipment and tools can be custom made to store special equipment. A small      box is placed near the rear of the truck to store a crane remote. Other boxes can be made store a multitude of tools and tool boxes